National Motor Racing Museum - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does the Museum have a simulator? +

    A: No, the Museum does not have a simulator - but hey, the track is just outside!
  • Q: Does the Museum Shop take eftpos? +

    A: Yes! the fully stocked Museum Shop has eftpos facilities available. A minimum purchase applies.
  • Q: Am I allowed to sit in any of the cars or on any of the bikes? +

    A: Unfortunately no, none of our vehicles are open for public access.
  • Q: Can I take photos in the Museum? +

    A: Yes! Photos are allowed in the Museum, be sure to capture the memories of your visit!
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Mount Panorama Race Track - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Am I allowed to drive on the track? +

    A: Yes! Mount Panorama is unique in that during non-race periods the track is public road! There is a strict 60 kmph speed limit around the track and Police Vehicles regularly patrol the area. The track is a two way road, with no marked centre line, be sure to keep left!
  • Q: Can I take a Bus around the track? +

    A: The track is public road, however you should consider the challenge of the track, your capabilities and the capabilities of your vehicle before attempting it.
  • Q: Can I take my Caravan around the track? +

    A: The track is public road, therefore there is no restriction on taking a caravan around the track. However, the track can be quite challenging and you should consider your skill and the capabilities of your vehicle before attempting it.
  • Q: Can I stop to take photo's on the track? +

    A: The track is public road, and therefore stopping other than in designated areas is quite dangerous. Parking on the verges is also discouraged as this prohibits the growth of the grass and affects the aesthetics of the track. Stopping to take photo's on Pit Straight is dangerous, and contravenes general traffic regulations.
  • Q: Where can I stop on the track? +

    A: Visitors may wish to park in McPhillamy Park located at the top of Mount Panorama to take photos, the lookout at the Hinxman Vista, and there is also parking room located at the beginning of the track before the Pit Building.
  • Q: Can I go inside the Pits? +

    A: Access to the Pits is restricted outside of race time, prior arrangements should be made with Circuit Management if you wish to see the Pits.

    Click here to visit the Official Mount Panorama Site.

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