This is the Litre Speedcar driven by NSW driver Scott Darley to win the 2004 Australian Championship.

Powered by a 4-cylinder Volkswagen Golf engine reworked to run on methanol, this car was built in 1998, and raced until 2005. The Speedcar class cars are known as Midgets elsewhere in the world, and this class of racing came to Australian speedways in 1934, with the first National Championship run in 1935.

After his success in the Litre Speedcar category, Scott Darley moved to the 800hp Sprintcar Class, and tragically became the first fatality in Sprintcar racing in Australia since 1971, when he lost his life in an accident at Parramatta Raceway in 2008.

Until the final 2018/19 event, the most prestigious event in the NSW Sprintcar season has been the annual Scott Darley Challenge, an event that remembers Scott’s contribution to the sport, and also continues his fundraising efforts for children’s charities.

The Darley family have been strong supporters of the NSW Speedway community for over 30 years, and generously donated this car to Motor Racing Ministries to raise funds and continue their work for the broader motor racing community.