"Ray's Rod"

This Slingshot Dragster was built by Ray Wamsley of Newcastle in the late 1950s from remnants including a motor from his Alpha Alvis racing car.  It is one of two that appeared at Castlereagh Airstrip in February 1960 where it broke the state standing quarter mile record of 12.50 seconds, the fastest in Australia.  It raced continually up until late 70s.

It was built over 3 weeks, mostly at night, using a 1939 Ford gearbox with no first or reverse, '37 Pontiac shortened diff, Morris 10 front axel and MG TC hubs and wheels.  The dragster was later named Rickshaw by Bob Heggie who belonged to the Rickshaw Hot Rod Club in Newcastle.  It was found on property near Mudgee in rundown, dismantled condition with many parts missing in 1999 and was restored to original condition by Barry Parsons.

This dragster was last run at Wakefield Park in demonstration run in Aug 03.  Nostalgia Drag Racing is now becoming popular in Australia and overseas, however the current owner refused to "Cut up" this unique piece of Australian Motorsport history in order for it to conform to ANDRA's rules.

The vehicle is on loan to the National Motor Racing Museum from Barry Parsons.