This Isuzu Bellett 1500 sedan was raced at Bathurst in the 1966 Gallaher 500 and is one of only four Belletts to have raced at Bathurst in 1965 and 1966.  The car was driven by George Reynolds and Barry Ferguson.

In 1966, the starting grid was determined by Class entered, and vehicle number, Reynolds and Ferguson starting as the first car in Class B, and 29th overall.  The car had a trouble free run for the entire 500 miles of the race, finishing 21st outright, and 5th in their class.  The car’s best lap for the race was 3 minutes 36 seconds, and the car recorded a top speed of 101.1 miles per hour (162 km/h), the highest top speed of any car in Class B.

Following Bathurst 1966, the car would never race again and was retained by Canopus Motors as it had too many miles to be passed back to a dealer for sale.  In 2010, the car was found in rural Victoria and after a long period of investigation, the tell-tale signs of race use and various secret and not-so-secret modifications carried out for the 1966 race, proved the identity of the vehicle.  Some areas of the vehicle had been repainted; however, much of the running gear is untouched since 1966.

The car is believed to be the oldest, unrestored car that competed in the 500 mile touring car races here at Bathurst.