This 1974 HQ Holden has been raced since 1991. In 1993 the car, bearing the number 55, won the support race for HQ Holdens during the Tooheys 1000 at Mount Panorama Bathurst. It was driven by John Meyer the present owner’s brother. Due to an accident involving several cars on Skyline at the top of the Mount, the race had to be restarted.


  • 202 Holden engine (red motor) - limited modifications
  • Wade 20/60 control camshaft
  • Larger valves but no porting permitted
  • Raised compression ratio
  • Exhaust free
  • Original single carburettor and manifold only
  • Original 3 speed manual gearbox only
  • 3.5 differential gears - no limited slip
  • HQ control suspension package springs and shock absorbers
  • Wheel size 8 x 14 and HQ control tyres

 This vehicle has been kindly loaned to the Museum by owner Jake Meyer.