This is the 1976 James Hardie 1000 winner that was driven by Bob Morris and Englishman John Fitzpatrick. They qualified 4th on the starting grid with a lap time of 2 minutes 26:4 seconds, in front of them were names like Moffat, Schuppan, Brock, Richards and Bond.

On lap 125, Fitzpatrick was forced to pit with a flat tyre but continued on to win the race. He crossed the finish line with smoke pouring from the car as a result of at least one broken oil seal. At the time Bob Morris was back in the pits, his nerves jangling as he waited to see if the car would make it.

The well earned victory followed a see-sawing race for the lead, with most of the front-running teams falling into trouble.

Found down at the Southern Highlands, the car has been restored by a group of local motor trade people and the workshop staff at the former Bathurst City Council.

This vehicle is owned by Bathurst Regional Council.