1965 Ford Cortina GT500

The Ford Cortina dominance continued with Barry ‘Bo’ Seton and Midge Bosworth winning the 1965 Armstrong 500. The previous two years outright wins had been by Bob Jane, firstly with Harry Firth and secondly with George Reynolds.

During the race an accident occurred damaging the front headlight as well as the driver’s door panel. In the weeks that followed it was realized just how lucky they had been to finish the race. The Cortina was taken for a test drive, by a journalist, when the car encountered an engine electrical fault caused by turning on the head lights. If “The Great Race” in 1965 had finished in darkness, the car certainly would not have won the race.

1965 also saw the emergence of the soon to be dominant Morris Cooper ‘S’. The team of no-holds barred adversaries, Brian Foley and Peter Manton came in third and they were to continue their rivalry in the Touring Car Championship the following year.

Fairfield Motors later sold the car to the Talbot family who used it for rallying. It was then purchased by a private collector in 1977. In 1995 it again changed hands to be restored and became an acquisition of this Museum.

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