1968 Holden Monaro HK GTS327

This car is a replica of the 1968 Hardie-Ferodo 500 winner that was driven by Wyong driver Bruce McPhee and his co-driver Barry Mulholland.

After the dominance of the Ford XR GTs the previous year, General Motors Holden (GMH) was determined to get its revenge. In fact, Monaro’s filled the podium and set in place the two-way battle that continued over the following decades.

Bruce McPhee, using Michelin radial tyres on his Monaro 327, drove a superb marathon to win from the first of the Holden Dealer Team cars driven by Jim Palmer and Phil West. McPhee took advantage of a rule which required a co-driver to take over for a minimum of one lap. That’s just how far McPhee let his co-driver Barry Mulholland take the Monaro, preferring to establish himself in a well worn groove for the remaining 496 miles.

National Motor Racing Museum collection